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Stomach Exercises With Amy

stomach-exercises-with-amyMost of us have probably thought our midriff could do with a little re-tightening after the past few weeks so here's Amy with some much needed exercise for that all important core!

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Arm Exercises At Home With Amy

amy-video-dec-21More tips from Amy in our Exercises To Do At Homevideo series - arm day!

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Leg Exercises At Home With Amy

amy-video-16-decBusy for the Christmas season with parties, shopping and no time to get out and exercise? There is no reason to not keep your fitness up with the first in our Exercises To Do At Home video with Amy - Leg day!

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Everything But The Cow Kiwi & Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

KIWI CHOCO 300x300I love to eat this ice cream in the ‘magic window’ after a heavy workout. Light, refreshing and rich in vitamin C, it’s packed with carbohydrate to replenish depleted glycogen (energy) levels, plus protein to promote fast muscle recovery and repair.

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Everything But The Cow Pancakes

CHRISTMAS DAY PANCAKES 300x300I’d definitely recommend a Christmas morning workout to put a spring in your step for the long and indulgent day ahead! A deliciously festive breakfast, these pancakes are not only packed with goodness, but also happen to be an excellent combo of protein and carbs for post workout recovery!

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Winter motivation from Amy

Our ambassador and “Everything Outside” master Amy has some great hints and tips for coping with the winter months ahead.

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Fitness Tips and Training with Amy

fitness 300x300Our ambassador and 'Everything Outside' master Amy Hughes will be sharing her fitness advice videos on the site every two weeks. Keep watching for tips from someone that managed to run 53 marathons in 53 consecutive days!

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Sunday is Runday!

sun-run 300x300EBTC is the official recovery drink of the 2015 Women's Running Magazine 10K Series and we've spent our Sundays travelling around the UK, warming up the runners pre-race and re-energising them post-race. At Nottingham's event, we teamed up with the women from Notts Women Runners who told us what running means to them. Here is our video diary of our day.


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Everything But The Cow Macadamia Brownie

brownie 300x300An amazing combination of tangy mango sweetness, gooey fudgy chocolate, and creamy crunchy macadamias...

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Everything But The Cow Mango Tea Bread

teabread 300x300Using the deliciously tropical flavours of mango and banana combined with Everything But The Cow Mango & Orange drink makes for a sweet, moist dairy-free and highly nutritious cake, without the addition of large amounts of sugar or fat.

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