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Women's Running Magazine Competition Winner - Michele Upcott

upcott-blog1To my amazement I received an email from Women’s Running Magazine to let me know that I had won a competition to receive a bespoke WR10k coaching session with Amy Hughes who is an athlete mentor and “Everything but the Cow” ambassador.

The funniest thing about winning the competition was that I couldn’t remember entering but I obviously did! I am always up for another challenge.

On Wednesday 2 September I travelled from Newark to London to meet Amy in Hyde Park. I felt nervous and excited all at the same time. Unsure of what to Blog expect from the session and feeling totally in ore of someone who has run 53 marathons in 53 days, quite an achievement for someone so young, well in my opinion being nearly 50!!!!!

I only started running in 2010 with my first race being the Lincoln 10K with a time of 1hr 1min 11 secs, a time which I have not managed to beat to date........ but

I promise you I will soon, it may not be on may next race but definitely before the end of 2016. I only took up running again in October 2014 with the intentions to run at least three 10ks before 2015 ends. To date I have run three 10ks and these are as follows: 

• BUPA 10,000 in May 2015
                time 1hr 2mins 12 Secs

• WR10K Nottingham in July 2015      time 1hr 2mins 35 secs

• Sleaford 10k in August 2015             time 1hr 2mins 27 secs

As you can see the sub 1hr is still alluding me and feels a bit like a nemesis. I am running the WR10k in Finsbury Park on 27 September 2015 with the hope of gaining a PB but no matter what the time is I will be happy to keep chasing my nemesis!

During the coaching session with Amy learned how I could further develop my stamina by bringing other fitness activities to support and strengthen such as:

upcott-blog2• A spinning class

• Body pump

• Core strengthening exercises

• HIT (high intensity training)

During the session Amy had me practising squats, star-jumps, sit-ups, burpees to name but a few. The next couple of days were a little painful, as these exercises really exposed my weaknesses, just simple things like getting up and down from a chair, walking up and down the stairs and nothing more painful than just sneezing and coughing due to sore stomach muscles.

Following on from Amy’s advice I am now considering joining a gym that can offer classes that will fit nicely around the running club which I joined in late April.

Witham Runners is local running club who are just fab, friendly, brilliant and full of likeminded people of varying abilities but no matter what your speed, you always feel included and no-one is every lift behind.

My advice to any new runners would be to find a local club to join as they will help you improve and try and help you achieve your dreams.

Over the next few weeks I will write another to blogs one before the race saying how the training has gone and then a post-race one. So speak to you all soon.

Michele Upcott

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