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T-minus 4 days to my next 10K - Michele Upcott

t-minus-smallT-minus 4 days to my next 10K on Sunday 27 September 2015 in Finsbury Park; the final race in the Women’s Running Series. 

The training has been going really well and I have started to bring in strengthening exercises following my day with Amy Hughes. I feel that these will help in the long run but not sure if they will have any impact on this particular race as I have only been doing them for about 2 weeks. 

I am feeling quiet nervous about the race as I would really like to the crack the sub 1hour but not sure if I will achieve this, as I have been feeling under the weather over the last week with a tickly cough and to my families amusement the loss of my voice. Today (Wednesday) is the rst day that I have started to feel normal again!

In-light of not being able to train fully in the last week I have decided to just enjoy the race and see what time I achieve…….. You never know I might crack the hour but there again…….. I might not! 

I love the feeling that you get from running, a sense of freedom, feeling alive and whilst putting the world to rights. I am always looking for my next challenge/race and I have already got my eye on another 10k around November in Nottingham in my endless pursuit of sub 1hr.

I am not a born runner………does anybody truly know what that means! I hated running whilst at school and never thought that I would be able to run. About 4 years ago I used to belong a keep-t class where the instructor was fanatical about running. She has run more marathons than I care to mention along with competing in Ultras but ultimately this is where my inspiration started and the belief that anybody can learn to run, it just takes time, patience and practice……… I am still practicing and all good things to come those that wait!

Tomorrow night (Thursday) I will run about 4 miles with a quick sprint session on Friday just to keep my legs turning over ready for Sunday’s race.

So good luck to everyone taking part in Sunday’s race and I look forward to seeing you all!

Michele Upcott

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